Kayamandi development services

Kayamandi Development Services (Pty) Ltd is a SMME company of development economists and planners, established in 1999, which provides multi-disciplinary services pertaining to all aspects of social, socio-economic and economic development.


This 65.6% HDI owned company (55% Black and 10.6% women) renders services to a diverse range of clients with equal success including national, provincial & local government, NGO's and the private sector. Mr Letepe Maisela is the majority shareholder in the company and is one of 3 directors.

Kayamandi currently has a BEE status of a "Level Three Contributor" and employs a permanent staff of 11 (64% of which are female and 82% historically disadvantaged individuals). Kayamandi also has access to more than 50 temporary staff, all of whom are Black and split approximately 50/50 between males and females. The temporary staff are mostly used for surveys, data collection and research support.

The qualified and professional workforce, with over 20 years of experience, ensures that the most recent thoughts, trends and techniques in development planning are applied according to the client's needs.



Affirmative action approach

Kayamandi supports any form of affirmative action and empowerment and has achieved this by:
  • Focusing on the firm's internal policy and its 65.6% HDI ownership
  • Utilising disenfranchised persons/institutions on parts of the projects
  • Employing individuals from disadvantaged communities as fieldworkers
  • Assigning HDI's to projects as far as possible
  • Applying counterpart training and capacity building throughout projects to NGO's, public sector officials and other political office bearers which adds value to the departmental procedures and systems.
  • Production of training products as an integral part of projects
Social responsibility endeavours

Kayamandi is actively involved in ensuring a positive impact through its activities. Social responsibility actions include:
  • Providing annual monetary donations to Haven Care Centre a children's orphanage by 'adopting' an orphan's tuition, books, stationary, etc.
  • On a bi-monthly basis the Haven Care Centre is also supported through purchasing miscellaneous goods to assist them in generating additional income.
  • The establishment of an extensive network with disenfranchised consultants and small BEE start-ups, utilising their services on an ongoing basis as well as providing them with free advice, knowledge and support.
  • As far as practically possible, part-time employment opportunities are sought and provided to unemployed Town and Regional Planning graduates which empowers them with practical training and experience and improves their marketability.
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Kayamandi development services
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