Economic analysis and development, based on supply & demand factors to assess market gaps & opportunities.

Local Economic Development (LED) based on identifying the options and opportunities available to broaden the local economic base of an area in order to address the creation of employment opportunities and the resultant positive spin-off effects throughout the local economy.

Socio-economic surveys (household and business surveys) aimed at obtaining updated business and household information which is vital for planning, monitoring and evaluation, development of interventions, determination of priorities and allocation of resources, etc.

Social and labour plans that provide suitable implementation activities which addresses the requirement of the Mining Charter, relevant national priorities, and alignment to the mining house’s strategic objectives are drafted.

Demographic and economic modelling to project future spatial growth based on knowledge of interrelationships between population and economic development variables

Social and economic impact assessments based on determining the costs and/or benefits to society, businesses, the economy, and the environment; as brought about by change.

Human settlements research and demand analysis of urban and rural human settlements.

Property analysis and feasibilities based on determining supply, demand and net-effective demand of residential, industrial and commercial property markets.

Feasibilities and business plans development, based on converting high-level project concepts in all economic sectors to packaged investment opportunities and fully implementable and sustainable projects.

Tourism development uses applied and relevant research to develop a detailed understanding of the marketplace and the factors that drive demand for tourism products and experiences.

Monitoring and evaluation entails a diagnostic analysis of the current situation and the forces at play or strategic change drivers and examines the causal links and attribution between inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impacts.

Project implementation and on the ground delivery of local businesses and creation of jobs.

Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and entrepreneurship identification, implementation and supplier development.
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